Gespeichert von root am Mo., 29.07.2013 - 00:24

Business as Usual at DQ7A


Antenna field at JN59RJ 
The weather forecast was promising much better conditions than we experienced in the Junes microwave contest. So everybody was in a good mood. Also the power supply, it got a "I like it" :-) by Thomas, thanks again to OV B26.
During set up Wolfgang and Alex proudly reported important improvement on the 70cm setup. The preamplifier has been adjusted and got additional filters to block 2m signals. A test showed, that after placing a output filter onto the 2m station, the 70cm station becomes unaffected by the 2m system.
Operators were DL3NCS, DL1NGO, DJ7AT, DG2NMH, DG8AM and DD0VS (me).
For DD0VS there was the chance to make four CW contacts around midnight with a flipped kent key. 
No surprises have been reported over all.


Wkd stations 468
Points 149985
Average distance per QSO 320km
ODX 893km  G4DCV IO91OF
Squares 88


Wkd stations 129
Points 40199
Average distance per QSO 312km
ODX 939km G3LTF - IO91GF
Squares 49


Wkd stations 45
Points 11797
Average distance per QSO 262km
ODX 591km PA6NL - JO21BX
Squares 26

We had a lot of fun. Thank you!