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Romantic Sunrise -DQ7A


Romantic Sunrise

Sunrise (Wundrose) at JN59RJ
Accidentally my apple IPAD made an automatic spell checking for the word sunrise and changed it into Wundrose automagically, why ever. This creates some confusion when I sent this picture above viae-mail ..., sorry. In the course of April my knee decides to create a blockade. This prevents DD0VS to start in SOP category. So I decided to support DQ7A for this contest.
Weather conditions were pretty good, the mood of the team as well.
Operators were DL3NCS, DL3NGN, DL1NGO, DJ7AT, DG2NMH, DG8AM, DG1NSE, DL4NU, DO5NEN and DD0VS (me).
The 2m station was running well but 70cm station fights with interferences coming from the 2m station, a solution has not been found during the contest, but not using the preamplifier for 70cm improves the situation a bit.


Wkd stations 452
Points 141474
Average distance per QSO 313km
ODX 812km YU1EF KN05CD
Squares 81

QSO Mao May 2013 vhf


Wkd stations 94
Points 24282
Average distance per QSO 258km
ODX 611km PI4P JO11RN
Squares 35


Wkd stations 30
Points 6151
Average distance per QSO 250km
ODX 489km OL9W - JN99CL
Squares 16


We had a lot of fun. Thank you!