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It has been decided to go to Hirtstein @ JO60OM for June Contest.
HIrtstein Hütte


7th and 8th of June 2014
The Team was: DH0LS, DG8AM, DJ7AT, DD0VS, Visitors: DH1DM, DG2DWL


First our apologies to all stations they tried to contact us via chat or randomly
but were not successful, e.g. UR7D and OL9W, condx on 3cm did not allow a
After a good start in this contest season during the March Contest, we reached
the third place in the German team competition, and a good running May
contest, securing place 3, we followed the proposal of DH0LS to choose the
Hirtstein as our Micro Wave Contest QTH.
Well, the with sun week end made the available operators rare.
DD0VS fought with some health caused family topics. And then with allergic
reactions and the heat... Jens, DH0LS, arrived with a cold. Further we did not
have our caravan available. Nevertheless the two stations have been installed in
time. Also the problem which caused the network disaster in May have been



The first station was a dedicated 23cm station only. With a home made
transverter and a BEKO HLV800. Antenna was 2m dish with can feed.
It has been decide not to use full power but only 200W to avoid the well known
crocodile situation.
The second station was Jens, DH0LS, home made station. 1.5m dish and a ring
feed for 13cm and 9cm. A 1m dish with horn feeds for 6, 3 and 1.2cm and a
small separate dish for 47GHz with a cassegrain feed mounted live during
QSOs with OK1KAD.
Not to forget the friendly visit of DG2DWL and DH1DM two hours before end
of contest.

Hierstein 2014 Aufbau

Hirtstein 2014 02

Hirtstein 2014 03

Hirtstein 2014 04


Please find below a comparison between 2014 and 2012. We hit the QSO
number on 23cm from 2012 but the QSO average in 2012 was better. This
allows the assumption, that Condx were better in 2012.
Also on 13cm we have more QSOs but less points compared to 2012.
> Nice conditions occur on the bands higher than 10GHz due to more available
stations and nice DX on 24GHz, see the pictures.

Hirtstein 2014 24GHz


  2014 2012
QSOS 106 92
Points 19623 19998
Average 181 217
ODX HA6W KN08FB 593km UR7D KN18JD 715km
DXCC 6 10
Squares 24 28

QSO Map Jun 2014 23cm


  2014 2012
QSOS 42 36
Points 9500 9761
Average 226 271
ODX HA8V KN06HT 683km HA8V KN06HT 683km
DXCC 7 8
Squares 18 25

QSO Map Jun 2014 13cm


  2014 2012
QSOS 17 19
Points 2619 2820
Average 154 201
ODX OL9W JN99CL 376km OL9W JN99CL 376km
DXCC 2 3
Squares 8 14

QSO Map Jun 2014 9cm


  2014 2012
QSOS 11 7
Points 1189 1027
Average 108 146
ODX OL4K JO70TQ 172km OL4K JO70TQ 172km
DXCC 2 2
Squares 5 7

QSO Map Jun 2014 6cm


  2014 2012
QSOS 24 36
Points 2217 5661
Average 113 157
ODX PA0BAT JO31FX 497km DF0MU JO32PC 448km
DXCC 3 4
Squares 6 21

QSO Map Jun 2014 3cm


  2014 2012
QSOS 8 4
Points 9500 9761
Average 226 271
ODX OL4K JO70TQ 172km OK1AIJ JO60LJ 23km
DXCC 2 2
Squares 3 1

QSO Map Jun 2014 1,5cm


  2014 2012
QSOS 3 1
Points 63 20
Average 21 20
DXCC 7 1
Squares 18 1

QSO Map Jun 2014 0,7cm

Many thanks to all participants. Looking forward to meet you in the next contest.